" Building quiet spaces requires expertise, craftsmanship and the right products ... there is no substitute for experience and expert knowledge of industry best practices ... SoundGuard Canada knows what to do and delivers it "

Our Purpose ...

SoundGuard Canada is a sound and vibration control company focusing on noise abatement products for manufacturing facilities, commercial offices and residential homes.

Vibration and noise affects the workplace. We can help minimize its impact.

Our purpose is to meet industry standard sound abatement and exceed a customer's long-term requirements. We design, build and install solutions.

Products can be shipped ready to install by your installation team, or we can arrange for our installation team to install at your convenience.


SoundGuard Canada will custom design a system that meets your daily requirements – whether that being a corporate office, a home office, a school, a multi-use board room, a teleconference room, a "multi-use" party room or exercise area built into many condominium projects, or even a multi-person call centre.


SoundGuard Canada is a Canadian company supplying a variety of sound proofing, sound isolating, sound abatement and vibration control products.

Are you a contractor or handyman who needs to buy GreenGlue or Slienseal?

Are you looking for a specialty panel or series of panels?

Are you needing a consultant to come and advise you on your options before you decide which avenue to pursue?

We also sell products that the DIY'ers can install themselves.

Call to discuss options: 416.805.1429

Some of Our Products


Can be used to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings. It can be used both in new construction, building upgrades and renovations.


A waterbased sealant used to seal edges and seams of the drywall and subfloor to maintain the specific Sound Transmission Class (STC).


Reduced sound transmission mat made from 94% recycled rubber content used when sound control is required in multifamily housing, high-rises, or commercial buildings.

ISO_SIL Acoustic Isolation Pad

Acoustic Isolation Pads acts like a permanently resilient gasket used to reduce vibration transfer through the building structures.

Noise = Stress = Lost Productivity

Sound control has become increasingly important in open concept design of commercial office space and home environments.

Unwanted noise "pollutes" our lives, disrupting our daily productivity and interferes with the enjoyment of our environments.

Studies have shown that the acoustic quality has a direct impact on, and results in higher productivity and team building environment.

Uncontrolled noise causes stress has been shown to have a negative impact on people's health.



Today's modern workplaces offer unique settings that must be treated differently, as not all spaces are used for the same purpose, nor are dimensionally the same shape.

Therefore, a combination of products is recommended and installed to reduce the level of unwanted distraction.

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